Beer. Nectar of the Gods. When a hard earned thirst needs something, anything, its a cold pint each end every time. Plenty of choice, some have their one true love, others are still stuck in the Liqourland cool room choosing, but what is the definitive top ten?..

10. Coopers Sparkling Ale

for real beer drinkers, but good Lord it’s a tasty son of a bitch, heavy, hoppy, but full of flavour, its bold but it delivers

9. Miller Genuine Draft

america’s best beer, can drink it like water but actually tasty, not weird or trying too hard, but not so simple you think you’re drinking something from Aldi

8. Little Creatures Pale Ale

second best pale in the country from a properly good aussie brewery, a pint of this in their freo beer garden on the Indian, someone get me a fresh pair of undies

7. Tiger Lager

we like a good Asian lager and this one out of Singapore is as good as it gets, one of the best lagers in the world and at 5% its no mug

6. Fat Yak Pale Ale

best pale in the country, and if you don’t like it you don’t get, or understand pale ales, or deserve refreshment, or flavour, or happiness

5. Carlton Draught

off the wood, cold, in glass, its no frills and as simple and widely available as a can of coke, but geez it holds up, utter legend and for good reason

4. Great Northern Original

you want a slab, or sixteen, to go through with the lads on a warm weekend away, whether its Cairns or Carrum Downs, can’t do any better

3. James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale

150 Lashes pale ale gets a good run, but The Chancer golden ale is the best beer they do and arguably the best sessional beer in the world

2. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

the best tap beer in the country, great in a stubby or tinny as well, best ale in the country, they nailed the beer which is slightly fruity or floral

1. Asahi Super Dry

we didn’t like them very much in the 1940s, but we like their motorcars now and we’re especially a fan of their beer, this is the best out there


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