We got one. No, not a positive test, but a weekend where both Gold Coast and Carlton won, and Richmond lost. But we also got ourselves an infected footballer and oh geez, hasn’t the fun begun..


“It was inevitable”

.. no it wasn’t. Every state bar Victoria has either got none if any active cases left, or is NSW where there is very few new daily cases these days. If it wasn’t for this Victorian second spike we’re in we’d be out of this nationally sometime in August. So it wasn’t inevitable, it’s because some Victorians have screwed this up, being lacs upon becoming symptomatic and spreading it around instead of prioritising containment.

2.       So Connor McKenna, Essendon. Easy solution, clubs are playing five day breaks this year, get it such that Essendon and Melbourne are playing the same Thursday night in a double header, then they play each other in that postponed, makeup game that following Tuesday, then both teams play matches that next Sunday. We don’t gain an extra round and we don’t have to crow bar in games off two or three day breaks. Worst case, if the Essendon Carlton game has to be rescheduled too, use the same approach and get it mid-week with five day breaks either side.


“I hope I’m not discrediting Geelong, but they’re not that good. We were just terribly poor”

Clarko was pissed about Round Two and no wonder why, this Geelong back six is ripe to be scored on. Stewart is a star but as a collective it’s sub par. Rounds One and Three the Giants and Blues’ forwards have had field days.

4.       We can knock the Blues from time to time and wonder whether Teague is their guy, but there’s a lot of players on that list very talented and/or very worthy role players. Much better than Melbourne.

5.       This is a column which always preaches being adult about things, but I do see Robbo’s point that its bizarre to see such brazen comment pieces on the AFL’s own website. Last Thursday Damien Barrett’s column that Mark Riccuito should step down from the Crows’ board was the major headline on the site’s front page. We can tell that it’s obviously not ‘the AFL’s position’ like Robbo insinuated, but should it be the first thing you see when you hit up afl.com.au, probably not.

6.       The AFL needs to take advantage of what Pat McAfee is doing over in the States. Out of nothing but pure curiosity for the game and little else he is single handedly driving coverage of the game to new heights daily over there. He includes AFL results and talking points from recent games in his show like it’s one of the big American leagues, so whilst international exposure isn’t a high priority for the AFL, leveraging what McAfee is doing for promoting the game has to be on its radar.

7.       Don’t totally blame them but the Eagles aren’t properly invested in this season post Covid. There’s a lack of 100% buy-in because of a sub conscious acceptance that being in the Hub is just an interruption too great. Then again, had West Coast beat Gold Coast, they wouldn’t have sooked up. Bad losers.

8.       Tex Walker. You know you’re in the shit when we have to think Kane Cornes is right about you. He has been living on his reputation the last few years from when he was something, but even that’s now starting to subside and a pretty ugly under belly of a soft, done, overrated footballer emerges. A fair representation of how bad his club is going as well, just quietly.

9.       Gold Coast looked trash Round One. Since then they’ve kicked the arse of West Coast who don’t want to be in Queensland, and then this weekend played the Crows who are trash. I think the Suns are much better than we’d feared, the talent is there, but hold your horses, their last eight quarters were against a good team who didn’t care, and a trash team.

10.   Call it stuck in iso, call it not taking it serious, but got a couple fat footballers running around at the minute, no names, but side note, Ablett and Johannisen are both good players ey?

11.   Giants came for a fight thinking they had the win in the bag. The whole Coniglio sending Haynes to toss the coin with the Bont because of the controversy last year, and then not bothering about playing good footy. Trash as well by the GWS for mine.

12.   Pies building off strong defence, often marked down for not scoring enough, but have held each of their opponents to 5 goals in each of their three games now, two of which were finalists last year. You win plenty of games if your opponent can’t crack 40. Also, have hit 80 points twice themselves, which in 16 min quarters is the equivalent of 100 points usually.

13.   10,000 at the Gabba next week. I have no doubt Adelaide Oval and Optus Stadium at their next games could at least match it. Those states are on the right track.

14.   Two we missed last week – first, Kevin Bartlett on twitter after Thursday’s Pies-Tigers draw:

“Richmond and Collingwood arguably the 2 best sides in the competition showed tonight that Australian rules football as a spectacle is in serious trouble and has been for a number of years ,it’s time to take our heads out of the sand and stop kidding ourselves.”

KB, KB, KB… mate, you’re kidding yourself. If eight of the nine games each round are totally fine, time to leave the tweeting to those who don’t need to ring a bell to get someone to cut up their pork chops each night, Kevin.

15.   Also, Melbourne, please, good clubs don’t sing the song without their captain in the rooms. Its not a hanging offence, granted, but when you thought your shit didn’t stink after the 2018 season and then spent 2019 barely better than the Old Xavier thirds, don’t take the piss, especially when you barely beat Carlton. Get better Dees.

16.   We thought the Hawks were a lot better than their Round Two showing, so the win over Richmond was no massive shock, but there was one key difference – Jaeger O’Meara. Lets be honest, if it wasn’t for his knee he’d be a top 10 midfielder in the game. You think Matt Rowell was a first year phenom, remember O’Meara’s first year? He is only 26, so well within his prime years. He stays fit, alongside a Brownlow medalist in Tom Mitchell and a lot of other players who will blossom under Clarko (Sam Frost, Jono Patton, etc.), Hawks will be just fine.

17.   I don’t have anything to particularly knock about Richmond, I still think they’ll win plenty of games and Friday night’s no real concern, but mathematically three flags in four years is a tough ask regardless. Everyone that tipped them again this year because it was easy, and because they won last year, forgets that you’re tipping the 2021 premier, not re-tipping 2020.

18.   Champs League, August, going to be a belter. So we spend a couple days finishing up the final second legs in the Round of 16, and then a quick fire, World-Cup style final eight, single-game bracket played in a couple weeks all in Lisbon. Put it this way, I’m not convinced this sort of format to wrap up the Champions league, last eight teams, one city, isn’t the way to go even once we get back to normal. Think its epic.

19.   A-League, its back, sorta. Kicks off late July, Foxtel left them, then came back, but for half the money (remembering their principal sponsor Hyundai left them pre-Covid as well), and now their plan the next two years is to move to a Winter time slot. Helps them align with grassroots soccer, but makes it a lot tougher if you’re going up against the AFL and NRL seasons. Who is running that show?

20. Want to pot Cricket again. They’re broke. How? They got through an entire summer before the Covid interruption hit. Yet their books look like they’ve lost an entire schedule to the pandemic. Don’t be mistaken for this being a sporting body who just copped a bad run with coronavirus, this would have happened with or without a dodgy bat soup. Batshit effort by the administration. Disgraceful even.



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