Some prefer sweet. Many prefer savoury. And nothing quite comes close to the perfect snack food like a big handful of potato chips. Flavours have gone mad over the years, but some of the classics still ring true. But which ones are best?

THIS is of course incredibly subjective but alas, let’s have a go.

We’re ruling out any of the special, limited edition numbers, because it cuts down on a million varieties to consider, but also if its not a legit, committed to flavour, we don’t want to be judging it.

Hard to justify this, really, so on this Sunday let’s just chuck the list down, less is more.

10. Twisties – Cheese

The best of all the cheese-flavoured snacks, and its a classic. The Chicken variety goes good too, but this is worthy top 10.

9. Thins – Light & Tangy

Its unique, unrivaled, worthy of top 10. Great chip.

8. Samboy – Barbecue

Barbecue chips are often hit and miss, but Samboy sacked their marketing department to not just get flavour right but throw more money at flavour to chip ratio. The chip is basically burgundy in colour its that flavoursome. IGA’s still stocks them, go get some.

7. Doritos – Nacho Cheese

Needed corn chip representation and Doritos just edge CC’s (Mission a distant third, for snacking), and whilst Cheese Supreme goes ok, the Nacho Cheese, be it in nachos or on their own with a hangover, delightful.

6. Red Rock Deli – Honey Soy Chicken

The makers of the world’s worst flavour (Mozzarella and Pesto) have got a number of good ones going, but only their original Honey Soy Chicken makes the cut here. Still rock solid.

5. Smiths – Burger Rings

Oldie but a goodie – in all honesty a legendary chip. Awesome for flavour and an underrated if not forgotten snack.

4. Smiths – Cheese & Onion

The best chip Smiths makes. The others are ok, their chicken is so-so, but Cheese and Onion is their flagship. Almost the best crinkle cut out there.

3. Kettle – Sweet Chili & Sour Cream

Top three gets controversial, and this is no exception. Even though its trying to mimic Red Rock Deli, the Kettle guys usually fall short. But their Sweet Chili & Sour Cream is just outrageous.

2. Woolworths – Roast Chicken

How funny, that Chicken chips are an almighty classic, they’re had to be one in this top 10 somewhere, but the best on the market are the supermarket brand? You get a handful of anyone else, Smith, Thins, whoever, but the half-of-the-price Woolworths ones, bottom shelf, takes the cake. Almost perfect.

1. Bluebird – Sour Cream and Chives

The best. Kiwi brand, so finding it can be tough, Reject Shops are your best bet probably, but perfect crinkle cut, perfect flavour, it’s impossible to fault. If you haven’t gone Bluebird before, find some, and their Sour Cream and Chives is their numero uno. Yum.


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