Everyone loves Cheese. Except vegans. And lactose intolerants. And sad people. Who knew, that from the humble milk we could discover something that’s more important than life itself.

Let’s not muck about.

We couldn’t find room for a few that we think go really nice, especially on a good cheese board. Cameberet, great cheese, couldn’t get a gig, Mozzarella, again whether Buffalo-style as is or your stock standard pizza topping, no dice. Feta is a classic, the real salty Greek version or the more subtle Danish, couldn’t crack the ten.

Also special mentions to Pecorino and Manchego, both awesome in cooking but underrated as cheese board-cheeses as well.

So let’s get controversial and rank these bastards.

10. Gouda

It might be more on the mild side of the scale but its bloody yum. It’s more interesting than your typical Tasty block from the supermarket and its just moorish as. Great cheese board cheese, but just awesome to gnaw on a big piece on the couch, being happy.

9. Parmesan

As the child of a British migrant, my introduction to Parmesan was in grated form out of a green cylinder-shaped package used only for garnishing Spag Bol. Now we can appreciate how good a cheese it is, awesome in salads, pastas, and here’s a hot take – underrated on a cheese board too, especially if there’s good balsamic going around.

8. Blue

Never liked it, now I appreciate it’s place and it makes the ten. Yeah its an adult choice but teamed with a bit of Port, good Lord, how good is happiness? The Roquefort is the legendary Blue for mine, not as strong as it gets but still a gutsy Blue.

7. Haloumi

Anyone that has had Saganaki and doesn’t like it doesn’t deserve affection. To grill a cheese that won’t melt just opens so many doors. It’s a little salty but overall its just so delicious. You can dress it, you can chuck it in salads, its just terrific. Can eat the stuff by the truckload.

6. Gruyere

We could have just put Swiss here, but Gruyere is too outstanding as is. It’s just all the best about cheese in one, its a bit smooth, but its a almost on the way to a hard cheese like a Parmesan; its nutty and bitey but then its also creamy smooth. Its the perfect all-rounder. In a sandwich, melted on a parma, or on a cheese board, its a wonder.

5. Jarlsberg

Controversial but its just sublime. That unique taste, sorta sharp but at the same time not, you can eat slice after slice. Texture is on point, it melts like a dream but you know what, even just snacking on the bad boy is good enough for me. It is a cheese for all seasons, truly world class.

4. Cheddar

Had to get it in here, not just for how useful and multi-purpose it is, but if you spend a few extra dollars on a nice, gourmet one, its about as good as cheese gets. From the classic toasted sandwich through to a creamy, firm, wasabi-infused block paired with a nice cracker, Cheddar is an all-time great.

3. Goat’s

It’s bloody Goat’s cheese. Need we say anymore. Super creamy, luxurious, its just insane. Enough said.

2. Burrata

The lesser known one but almighty it is heaven. A Mozzarella-based outer layer filled with what seems like 90% cream and 10% magic on the inside, it has to be the ultimate indulgence. On any cheeseboard it just dominates, in fact if you’re doing it properly you’re having one on its own, maybe a bit of sliced, cured ham on the side but that’s all.

1. Brie

It’s the king. You get into any triple cream varieties and it’s everyone’s favourite. Cheese boards are always stocked with it, and its always the first to run out. The texture is perfect, the taste is even better, its an absolute knock out mouthful each and every time. And like we said, you get beyond those triple-cream types, its melt in the mouth, good Lord take me now stuff. It is most definitely, the King.


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