Get Serious 2019 All-Australian Team

FB:          Tom Stewart – Harris Andrews – Dylan Grimes

HB:         Bachar Houli – Jeremy McGovern – James Sicily

C:            Tim Kelly – Marcus Bontempelli – Jackson Macrae

HF:         Gary Ablett – Jeremy Cameron – Michael Walters

FF:          Charlie Cameron – Ben Brown – Jack Darling

Foll:        Brodie Grundy – Nat Fyfe – Patrick Cripps

Inter:     Patrick Dangerfield – Lachie Neale – Max Gawn – Elliott Yeo

Stewart’s a gun, Andrews and McGovern are the two best key backs in the game. Grimes has to get a guernsey too. Bachar edges Rich off a half back flank for mine, more touches and rebound 50s. And Sicily gets in because he runs the show, intercept marking, kicking skills, the lot

Wanted to pick actual wingmen but couldn’t. Brad Hill was the one I’d go, but it would have been at the expense of Macrae or Yeo. So no dice. Boak was stiff, he was in the mix against Yeo as last chosen but went Yeo just for his tackles (number two in the comp), clearances and inside 50s.

Treloar is also stiff but him or Neale, its Neale easy. Also where’s Dusty? Well Tim Kelly has his spot. Shuey, Dunkley and Cunnington also stiff but who you leaving out? And as for Hugh McCluggage, yeah great year no question, but not upper echelon just yet young man, not there yet.

Hawkins is stiff but went the Coleman medallist and the guy who had the Coleman lead going into Round 23. Also, went Walters who many aren’t, why? He is 10th overall for goals, only Charlie Cameron has more as a small, second for small forwards with inside 50s but averaged 22 touches a game which is top 90 overall. 12th overall for score involvements and 12th overall for tackles inside 50 as well. Legit star and he, Ablett and Cameron are the clear top three small forwards for this team.

Grundy starts in the ruck but Gawn’s year is too good not to just reverse what last year’s team did with the ruck positions. Dangerfield on the bench is a bit weird but its him or Cripps starting for mine, toss a coin, I don’t mind either way really.

Get Serious Team of the Decade 2010-2019 

Note, this is for the ten years in question, so if someone had a great career 2002-2014, I only judge them on their body of work 2010 onwards. As well, someone who burst on the scene 2016, they’re up against guys who have dominated ten years of footy, it’s hard to go past them.

FB           Josh Gibson  –  Alex Rance  –  Nick Smith

HB          Luke Hodge  –  Daniel Talia  –  Corey Enright

C             Joel Selwood  –  Patrick Dangerfield  –  Gary Ablett

HF           Robbie Gray  –  Lance Franklin  –  Luke Bruest

FF           Cyril Rioli  –  Jack Riewoldt  –  Eddie Betts

Foll         Todd Goldstein  –  Nat Fyfe  –  Sam Mitchell

Inter: Dane Swan, Josh J. Kennedy, Scott Pendlebury, Dustin Martin

Rance and Talia are the best two key backs of the last ten years, Hurley was a maybe. Nick Smith shut down small forwards all decade so a lock, Gibson and Hodge were instrumental in many flags and Enright is a hall-of-famer.

Midfield, tough, so we checked all the candidates against the Brownlow, medals won and votes, but also All-Australians. Dangerfield has the most votes in the nine years we know so far, 180 all up, Swanny was eighth in that with 139. Next best was Priddis with 128 but couldn’t see a spot for him.

All of the mids chosen had three All-Australians at least, Danger has six, Pendlebury and Selwood five, except Fyfe who has only two. But won a Brownlow and has 141 votes since 2010, on par with Mitchell and Martin. Judd doesn’t get in because his career was more so the prior decade, four of his six AA jumpers were 2000-2009, Cripps is on his way but has come on too late for this in compared to the others who are named.

Robbie Gray is a lock, four-time all Australian and a proper forward/mid, Bruest has a marvellous CV in the forward line as well. Rioli and Betts have owned pockets all decade, and Bud and Jack have shared the Coleman between them pretty much since 2010. Josh Kennedy gets a bench spot because he isn’t that far behind them, and then its daylight for tall forwards.

Goldstein gets the gig for consistency; others have popped up but not over ten years. Gawn, but only really recently, Sandilands but not the last five years, Naitanui has had highs but then not a massive body of work. So without there being an obvious choice, Goldy gets the gig, who has been very good mind you.


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